Thank veterans with gun salute

By deciding to eliminate the 21-gun salute from the Veteran’s Day ceremony, of the two possible choices at hand the University of Virginia picked the wrong one.

While superficially in this era of ever increasing gun violence this might seem like a reasonable path, it’s just plain in error.

We take opportunities in our daily lives to give thanks to those currently in service to the country. We even let our young men and women in uniform board an airplane first; and we walk up to them in a place of business, look them in the eye, and say “thank you for your service.” And we mean it.

As a nation, many of those who’ve gone before us did so by giving up their lives so that we could enjoy the freedoms that we have. A Veterans Day honor guard 21-gun salute and a little patriotic music remind us the deeds of these patriots. They are so much more than “disruptions,” to use UVa’s word.

This is why we have Veterans Day, right?

John H. Post

Albemarle County{&lettersname}

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