I applaud The Daily Progress for publishing the Nov. 3 story about the University of Virginia “nixing” the 21-gun salute from the ROTC Veteran’s Day program.

I especially applaud the Nov. 6 editorial stating that UVa should accommodate 21-gun salute. It also has been interesting to read the other letters to the editor submitted by local citizens.

In “Ours to Shape” questions available on line at UVa, President Jim Ryan asked this question: “How do we strengthen the sense of community on campus, with the region, and with our alumni?”

I do not believe that nixing the 21-gun salute will strengthen the greater Charlottesville region.

I was born in 1949. My grandfather served in World War II; my father and uncles served in World War II; other uncles served in Korea; college friends served in Vietnam, and families across this country suffer the loss of service men and women to death or severe PTSD as the United States continues to be part of war and protection in various parts of the world.

I am shocked that in my lifetime a university that teaches history, and ethics, and law would “nix” this portion of the long-respected tradition of honoring veterans in public displays.

Thank you to The Daily Progress for bringing this to our attention. It was shocking to see but we, the community, needed to know this local news.

Honoring our fallen and missing in action cannot be seen as a disruption; it is an opportunity to remember and give thanks and learn.

I now wonder how supportive UVa administrators are to the ROTC program in general.

Mary Thomas Miller

Albemarle County

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