UVa wrong to end 21-gun salute

I was extremely saddened and upset — and maybe not surprised in today’s college culture — to read on the front page of the Nov. 3 Daily Progress that the University of Virginia had eliminated the 21-gun salute from the Veterans Day program to “avoid class disruptions due to noise.”

What about all the veterans who have died or been injured so that these students could attend college in a free country?

This would be such an opportunity for faculty and students to have a few moments of silence during the 21-gun salute to remember and be grateful to all those veterans. A lost opportunity.

These veterans suffered so much more than a few minutes of “noise.” They were there when the real gunfire was causing noise, and they were in unimaginable conditions fighting for their lives and our lives as well.

We owe a debt of gratitude to these brave men and women.

Madeleine Chandler

Albemarle County{&lettersname}

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