Many thanks to the half-dozen young men who prevented some bad accidents on Belvedere Boulevard after the violent thunderstorm that blew through on the early evening of Aug. 19.

During the storm, a massive tree with four trunks fell over the road, completely blocking it.

These individuals stopped their cars and quickly organized. No one had a chain saw, but one driver had an ax. So, for close to two hours, they took turns chopping up the four large trunks and then were able to move the tree to the side of the road. Because Belvedere Boulevard has no street lights, the fallen tree would not have been visible after dark, and drivers traveling on the road would have had no way to see the tree before they hit it.

It's good to know that we have neighbors with energy, a commitment to help their community — and strong arms.

Jacqueline Salmon

Albemarle County

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