Voters will face a lot of choices when they step into the ballot box this year. But one of the most important choices in this election isn’t on the ballot at all. That choice is the future of partisan gerrymandering in Virginia.

The General Assembly we vote for on Nov. 5 will decide how Virginians vote for the next 10 years of elections. It will decide whether we move forward with redistricting reform in time for the 2020 census, or whether legislators will continue to meet in back rooms to carve up the electoral map into slices that pack their party supporters into their own districts to protect their own seats and their party.

We can end partisan gerrymandering next year. But to do that, we need to elect House and Senate candidates who will support passing the same constitutional amendment that passed the last General Assembly earlier this year with bipartisan majorities.  Know before you vote where your candidates stand on this issue. You can get more information about gerrymandering and the proposed constitutional amendment from OneVirginia2021, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to end partisan redistricting in Virginia.

Michael L. Rodemeyer

Albemarle County

Michael L. Rodemeyer is chair of the Blue Ridge Group of OneVirginia2021.


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