It amazes me, with the amount of money and time that we spend on educating them, that our career educators and government officials cannot understand what America and Americans are about.

Almost 20 years after the horrendous attack that all Americans suffered through on 09/11/01, our local, state, federal leaders and bureaucrats are continuing to subdivide us into different types of Americans.

Allow me to communicate to our local leaders and school administrators one more time: The evil ones did not attack hyphenated America. They were not plotting to murder Irish-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Arab-Americans, Asia-Americans or German-Americans. They in fact attempted to, and did, murder Americans.

Walk through any national cemetery at home or abroad, look on those headstones and you will see these people died serving the United States of America — one America and for all Americans. We are, and will always be, but one people, Americans. The greatest melting pot of humanity the world has ever known, more diverse than any country in the world — that is what America is.

The evil ones, foreign or domestic, will never tear down what all Americans should believe in and that is one America.

So, I ask our local leaders and school administrators to start addressing and categorizing the citizens of this great country by what we are, Americans, period.

Charles Abbey

Albemarle County

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