The word “like” inserted into every sentence is a new disease. It infects victims through the ears, and its symptoms exit through the tongue. It glues the word “like” into conversations as often as it can.

The most deadly version of this disease is when “like” is attached to “ya know.”

Two years ago, I began to hear this “like” disease among students on the local college campus.

Then last year, a mild version affected my Midwest granddaughter. During a visit, I tried to exterminate the “likes” from her vocabulary. When I returned a year later, “like” was solidly entrenched.

Not only is my family infected, the “like” disease now dots the radio news. Daily talk show hosts also have fallen prey, becoming guilty users. Even worse, those who call in to these shows usually are badly infected. Pressing the radio’s off button is often the only escape from these annoying “likes.”

Yes, I fear this word war has been lost. Now, nothing is actually real. It is only like what it really is.

Karla H. Berger

Albemarle County

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