Opinion/Letter: Wilson, Trump not comparable

I am writing in response to Cal Thomas’s column “A lesson to America from ‘The Crown’ ” (The Daily Progress, Nov. 27).

Mr. Thomas disappointingly parrots some of the Republican talking points used in defense of Donald Trump, including promotion of the conspiracy theory of a corrupt Ukraine influencing the 2016 election and inferring that the proven Russian interference in that election was an “obstacle” for Mr. Trump.

His column suffers a fatal flaw from the outset, however, in trying to draw a parallel between Harold Wilson, former prime minister of Great Britain, and today’s Donald Trump. Mr. Wilson presided over a struggling economy and divided nation, but he did nothing suspicious enough to generate the equivalent of today’s impeachment proceedings.

Additionally, Mr. Thomas brings out the fear-inducing mantra by Republicans that America is undergoing a “coup” because President Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry. It makes for fiery rhetoric, but there is no “coup” when the entire elected legislature gets to participate in a process outlined in law.

Mr. Thomas argues, in essence, to let the voters decide. Where is the pre-election cutoff for voters, instead of courts (or, in this case, congressional oversight), to arbitrate an alleged presidential crime? This whole mess started 16 months before next year’s election. Is the cutoff therefore two years? Three years? Should we just not investigate alleged presidential crime at all?

If we follow Mr. Thomas’ advice, given the White House’s muzzling of participants in the crime, how would we even know what happened?

Our democratic foundations are under assault by this presidential administration, and we should all support Congress in conduct of its constitutionally mandated oversight duty.

Hugh F. Colvin


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