It’s been a dry summer, but you’d never know it from the bright, beautiful flowers on display during the Dolley Madison Garden Club’s Centennial Zinnia Show. Gardeners from across the region entered individual flowers, flower arrangements and photos of flowers in the show, held on Saturday at Orange Presbyterian Church. The theme of the abundantly cheerful and well-attended exhibit was “Dancing Through the Years” and featured numerous categories, many with dance-related names. In the artistic division, for instance, entrants submitted arrangements that conjured up the “Twist,” the “Waltz,” and the “Electric Slide.” Organizers made a point of inviting members of other garden clubs, residents of Dogwood Village and area children to participate in this year’s show, a venerable club tradition that made a comeback this year after a layoff since 2012.

Hilary Holladay covers education and politics for the Orange County Review. The author of five books, she is currently writing a biography of the poet Adrienne Rich.

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