Pets and Their People: Bart, Zoey and the Garrs

Zoey cuddles with Cooper Garr while Bart strikes a regal pose with Kim Garr at the Garr home on Mountain Track Road. 

Pets have a way of adding love and joy to a household, and sometimes they also conjure happy memories of deceased family members, as Kim Garr can attest. She acquired a handsome, silky-soft dachshund named Bart some years ago and was in the habit of taking him along when she visited her parents, who had a dachshund of their own named Macee. “She and Bart ended up getting together,” Garr explained discreetly as her young children listened, “and having a litter of puppies—accidentally.” Among the puppies was the winsome Zoey, a dappled pup. After her father died five years ago, Garr brought Zoey to her house. The move reunited Zoey and Bart while providing the Garr household with a sweet and affectionate reminder of Garr’s late father. Garr and her husband, Chris, have two children, Cooper, 7, and Reagan, 3. Kim Garr said Zoey helped Cooper cope with the loss of his grandfather, and it’s clear that Zoey has helped her, too. “My dad used to take [Zoey] everywhere with him, on his shoulder,” she said as the little dog draped herself around Garr’s neck. Cooper said he loves waking up every morning to Bart’s friendly little kisses, and he is happy to give Zoey the belly rubs that cause her to stretch out and throw her front paws over her head in delight. 

Hilary Holladay covers education and politics for the Orange County Review. The author of five books, she is currently writing a biography of the poet Adrienne Rich.

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