Pets and Their People: Cujo, Miles, Harley and Nancy Gruitt

Nancy Gruitt relaxes at home with (from left) Cujo, Miles and Harley.

Nancy Gruitt loves Yorkies and rescue dogs. Put the two together and that explains Harley, Miles Davidson and Cujo, all Yorkies, all rescues—and all just as cute and cuddly as they can be. Gruitt obtained Harley, 9, from the animal shelter in Prince William County, where she and her husband, Bob, were longtime residents. “I adopted him sight unseen because he needed a home,” she said as Harley curled up on the sofa at the couple’s home on Hook Road in Orange County. As for Miles Davidson (and yes, there is a motorcycle theme), age 9½, he needed a new home after a series of previous owners couldn’t keep him any longer. And then there’s Cujo, 8½, a pet shop dog. He might have gone to a shelter if Gruitt hadn’t accepted him from an acquaintance who couldn’t keep him any longer. The Gruitts had planned to call him Sportster, but when they saw the little guy’s wild side they decided to pay tribute to the crazed canine in the Stephen King novel instead. Nancy, a retired civilian employee of the Prince William County Police, said she has come to love the peace and quiet of her country home, punctuated by the barking and scampering of her three little guys. “Every dog deserves a good, happy life,” the animal shelter volunteer said when asked why it’s important to take in rescue dogs. “They need a voice. They need somebody to look out for them and make them part of the family.” 

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