Pets and Their People: Snowball and Izzy Mills

Izzy Mills has a best friend named Snowball, an insanely cute Lionhead rabbit with soft, dense fur and brown markings on his ears and around his eyes. When the two first became acquainted, Izzy was 11 years old and Snowball was just a few weeks old. The unsuspecting Izzy went into her bedroom and caught a glimpse of something scurrying away from her. “What is this thing in my room? It looks like a hairless rat!” Izzy yelled. The “thing” was the very creature she’d been wanting for a while. Her father and her godfather had placed the baby rabbit in her room for her to discover on her own. After Izzy caught her breath—and the bunny—she was utterly smitten. The little guy, who quickly grew the fluff that earned him his name, returned her affection, and they have enjoyed hanging out together ever since. “He knows when I’m upset,” said Izzy, now 15, of the intuitive rabbit. “If we’re watching a movie and it’s sad and I’m crying, he’ll curl up next to my cheek.” Izzy and her parents, Albert and Brenda, and her sister, Faith, age 7, are all animal lovers. In addition to Snowball, the family has a very friendly mixed-breed dog named Baby, a box turtle, a couple of tortoises (houseguests) and four tanks containing a variety of fish. Pictured here, Snowball cuddles with his favorite pal, Izzy Mills of Locust Grove.

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