Tasha the cat with Sally Mickley of Rapidan

Pictured here, a wriggly Tasha poses on the front porch in Rapidan with her devoted owner, Sally Mickley. 

Nearly a decade ago, Sally Mickley wanted a kitten. A beloved cat had walked outside one day and never returned, and after searching for a long time, she decided to get a new feline companion. She made the rounds of various animal shelters and then stopped by the one in Madison County. With her daughter-in-law, Tanya Mickley, by her side, she plucked a fluffy little calico kitten from a cage. Tanya said, "You need to get this cat. She really likes you." But the kitten, named Tasha, was already spoken for. A crestfallen Sally Mickley told the shelter staff to call her if the anticipated adoption fell through. Lo and behold, it did, and soon Tasha was on her way to her new home in Rapidan. Now 10, the longhaired beauty gets along well with the grandchildren and the family doges and happily goes camping with Sally and Bo Mickley in their RV. Sally Mickley said Tasha's "violet" eyes caught her attention all those years ago. She loves watching the way Tasha's eyes change color with "her mood and the lighting."

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