Thirty local children participated in 4-H Cloverbud Camp last week at the Northern Piedmont Center in Orange. Hosted by Orange Cooperative Extension, the camp’s theme was based on Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax.” This year’s camp focused on environmental education and appreciation. One day, campers learned about recycling with relay races to sort recyclables from trash and campers made their own recycling bins from blue five-gallon buckets. Organizers reported several parents said their children came home talking about what they learned and identifying recyclables in their homes. To understand water quality and the idea that “we all live downstream,” campers constructed a model watershed and used a garden sprayer to simulate rain and runoff. Another day, campers made fish print T-shirts as they learned about animals that live in the water and how their anatomy is different from land animals. There was a plant scavenger hunt with bark rubbings to reinforce ideas about groundcover, plant varieties and the importance of trees. Campers learned about pollinators with a simulation of picking out Starburst candies from a bowl of cheese doodles; the campers’ hands were covered with cheese powder to simulate pollen. Another lesson included the life cycle of a butterfly with campers making caterpillars out of socks and cotton balls and then colorful butterflies on paper. 

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