Gemma and the Maxwells

Gemma cools her dragon’s wings with the Maxwell family in front of the train depot in Orange. From left, Aaron, Caelyn, Isla, Marina, Aiden and Jessica Maxwell.

The Maxwell family of Culpeper County made the trek to Orange last Friday for an afternoon of trick-or-treating along Main Street. In addition to their four colorfully costumed children, Aaron and Jessica Maxwell brought their miniature Schnauzer, Gemma, age 1½. Named after a character in the TV show “Sons of Anarchy,” Gemma was wearing festive dragon wings. She might have flown up over the heads of her owners, if not for Jessica Maxwell’s firm grasp on her leash. Maxwell explained that her husband got the cute little pooch from a breeder after their previous dog died unexpectedly. That loss was “very hard on all of us,” she said. “My husband thought another dog might help, and she totally did.” Gemma appeared thoroughly at ease as her favorite humans mingled with shopkeepers handing out candy. When not out on the town, she has some favorite recreational activities. “She can jump up and spin,” Maxwell said, “and she’s obsessed with her basketball.” The basketball in question is “old and dry-rotted” and sits in the Maxwells’ yard. But Gemma knows an adversary when she sees one. “She attacks it with a fury and shows it who’s the boss,” Maxwell said with a smile. 

Hilary Holladay covers education and politics for the Orange County Review. The author of five books, she is currently writing a biography of the poet Adrienne Rich.

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