Last winter, a local group of parents including Rich Harrington, Jeff and Connie Norberg and Sully and Laura Carter were granted approval by the Orange County School Board to start a lacrosse team at Orange County High School.

The school board approved the lacrosse club with the agreement that the group would follow all Orange County athletic policies. The club was also responsible for raising the funds necessary to support the team, including sports insurance, goals and field equipment and fees for busses, coaches and referees. The Orange County Lacrosse Club must offer programs for both male and female students, as well as provide “free play” to students who were unable to pay the sports fee.

Anthony Farone acted as head coach of the program and introduced the sport of lacrosse to more than 50 girls and boys this past season.

The boys’ team had an exciting season of 10 games, with wins over Woodberry Forest School and Charlottesville High School.

Plans are underway to offer a full schedule for the girls’ team next year.

Fundraising efforts to support the lacrosse club will continue through the summer and into the next school year in preparation for the spring 2018 season.

The group plans to grow the boys’ team into a JV and a varsity team, set up a full game schedule for the girls’ team and hire a coach for the girls team. With continued enthusiasm and community support, the Orange County Lacrosse Club is hopeful that it will be able to offer both varsity and JV team options to boys and girls and be adopted as a Virginia High School League (VHSL) school-sponsored sport in a few years.

For more information on the club and its work, visit www.oclacrosse.net.

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