The normal school year ended March 13 for all students in the Orange County Public Schools. Although the school division ramped up online learning as quickly as possible, students were unexpectedly at home during the week, without their usual academic responsibilities and school activities.

An informal sample of 2020 Orange County High School graduates responded to the question: “What have you been doing with your extra time at home?”   

Nicholas Sands: “Working on [online dual enrollment classes], sleeping and getting my stuff ready for college. I have been working, so that drives some of the monotony away.”

Ashton Wolfrey: “During this extra time I have been doing [dual enrollment] college classes to get some credits done early for college next year. I also have been hanging with the family and having special activities planned every day like going on hikes or painting.”

Travon Cervantes: “During my extra time at home, I have been trying to figure out ways to stay active, such as playing soccer and basketball in the driveway or doing exercises in my room. I have also been staying in touch with friends through video games and video chats.”

Miyanna Bell: “With my extra time at home I have been studying for finals and AP exams, helping my little sister with her school work and getting some hours at my part-time job at Food Lion.”

Riley Clatterbuck: “I have been catching up on shows that I’ve been meaning to watch for years, painting, going on walks and playing video games.”

Myles Johnson: “I have been spending quality time with my family and working as an employee at Food Lion in Locust Grove.”

Laura Poirier: “During this time all I’ve done is schoolwork and go to work. Don't get me wrong, I love the extra money, but I would much rather be with my friends in school.”

Morgan Haney: “While being home, I’ve been working on four-wheeler trails, riding four-wheelers and fishing a whole lot.”

Rachel Valdes: “Babysitting.”

Lexi Boggs: “During my extra time at home (when I am home, since I work 30-35 hours a week at Food Lion), I try to spend as much time with my family as possible …. I have also been checking in on all my people to make sure they are OK. These times are hard for everyone, but especially for the mentally ill, and you have to be there and check in. It makes everything better to video-chat for 30 minutes and laugh.”

Kourtney Gugel: “Cooking new things and becoming more physically active.”

Jafet Vazquez: “I have developed new hobbies such as wood carving/designing and personal financing … as well as bonding with my pet chickens and reading outdoors in the beautiful spring weather more often.”

Anna Ralls: “Working at Food Lion.”

Eden Atwood: “I was finished with classes in December, so for me, my senior year went as planned. [During the pandemic] I have been taking up new hobbies (baking, painting, writing, etc.) and spending time with my family. I’m really using this time to better myself and grow spiritually.

Bryan Dahl: “Honestly, still doing a whole lot of schoolwork, a little bit of working out and a whole lot of sleeping.”

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