A hot market and a non-arms-length transaction



The recent sale of 1625 Yorktown Drive, northeast of the U.S. 250 Bypass in Charlottesville’s Meadowbrook Heights neighborhood, offers an interesting data point in today’s residential housing market.

According to the selling agent, Yates McCallum of Frank Hardy Sotheby’s Realty, his client bought the home, which was built in 1955, at foreclosure auction about a year ago. The buyer immediately began major updates, including transferring from a septic system to city sewer, ditching the original oil heating system, updating the kitchen and bathrooms and adding a modern master bedroom suite.

“They put a lot of investment into updating the home while keeping its traditional charm,” McCallum said. “They wired the house for sound, redid the floors, added colors and did all the little things that homebuyers check the boxes for, and they did it right now when the market has low inventory and prices are rising, in a convenient neighborhood with great schools.”

The house was sold before it had a chance to be listed.

“It never actually made it on the market,” McCallum said. “A buyer from inside the neighborhood saw the project, then approached us, and we worked it out from there.” The process of auction purchase, remodel and construction and resale occurred inside 12 months, and the sales price of $700,000 exceeded the 2017 tax assessment by 118 percent.

The sale is what city real estate Assessor Jeff Davis calls “a non-arms-length transaction.” Davis, who has been assessing property for 39 years in both the city and Albemarle County, says a non-arm’s-length transaction, which is when a buyer negotiates a sale from the seller prior to the property being publicly listed, occurs “5 to 10 percent of the time.” Davis sees some correlation between quick sales like this one and a buoyant market.

“I’ve only seen this kind of market once before, back in 2005-2006, when it was really hot and people were bidding,” he said.




This information is compiled from documents in the record rooms of the clerks of the circuit courts in Charlottesville and/or Albemarle County. The Daily Progress assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.


JAN. 16

» Boyce, Roger and Boyce, John to Pfeiffer, Fritz W. and Pfeiffer, Shana Callan W., 1800 Jefferson Park Ave., Unit 24 Building A, consideration $160,000, tax value $123,400.

» Quagliana, Rhonda and Brewer, Richard, Jr. to Ryan, Joseph W., Jr. and Ryan, Mary Patricia, two parcels: lot 30 Rugby Heights and 71 square feet parcel X a portion of lot 29 known as 117 Westwood Circle, consideration $290,000, tax value $234,240.

» Payne, Mark W. to JB3 LLC, 403 Elliott Ave., consideration $159,500, tax value $246,700.

JAN. 17

» Payne, Frederick W. and Payne, Caroline M. to Lunsford, Charles L., II and Lunsford, Linda Z., 407 Second St. NE, consideration $1,050,000, tax value $967,300.

» Feiner, Arthur M. and Feiner, Benjamin R. to Ryan, Joseph W., III and Hold, Allison M., lot 5 block A section one Rutledge, 1625 Yorktown Drive, consideration $700,000, tax value $321,000.

JAN. 18

» Gwaltney, Julie G. to Gwaltney, Dylan C. and Gwaltney, Julie G., lot 33 section one Monroe Park subdivision, 7 Mobile Lane gift.

» Dixon, Michael S. to Moewiiber LLC, lot 12 Overhills subdivision, no consideration,

» Hathaway, Justin J., Brown, Justin H., Pillow, Kendall Greiner and Greiner, Kendall to Hathaway, Justin J., 215 Stribling Ave. (re-recorded deed after being erroneously recorded in Albemarle).

» Cox, Jerry W. and Cox, Victoria S. to Nolan, Paul B. and Nolan, Janet S., Unit 408 Building 3, The Barringer at Monroe Lane Condominium, consideration $293,000, tax value $294,000.

» Southern Property LLC to Ayat, Bahar, lot 134 Longwood Park, 153 Longwood Drive, consideration $288,641, tax value $253,100.

» Helms Deep LLC to Jordan, Michele, trustee FGG Benevolent Land Trust, lot 12 block I shown on a plat by Hugh F. Simms, consideration $304,600, tax value $299,900.

» House of Elrond, LLC to Jordan, Michele, trustee FGG Benevolent Land Trust, lot 13 block I shown on a plat by Hugh F. Simms, 2000 Stadium Road, consideration $398,240, tax value $342,100.


JAN. 10

» Duzon, Dean J. and Duzon, Stacy A. to Good, Timothy, 1.83 acres tract “S” of Heards Plantation - 4176 Spring Valley Road, Afton, tax value $80,500, consideration $80,000.

» Huddy, Daniel J. and Huddy, Ellen R. to Streit, Gregory B. and Streit Meghan F., 7.5 acres tract B2 situated off Route 633, Samuel Miller District, with a future address on Thunder Ridge Road, Afton, consideration $112,000, tax value $88,300.

» Martin, Gary F. and Martin, Dorothy E. to Selinger, Thomas and Selinger, Annette, tax value $202,000, consideration $165,000.

» Ludwick, Michael P. and Ludwick, Suzanne to Tuck, George and Tuck, Gina, lot 132 Phase I The Pavilions at Pantops - 1926 Asheville Drive, tax value $286,000, consideration $282,000.

» Angle, Ann Monroe to Blythe, Lucretia W., lot 5 block D LeParc section 5B RiverRun subdivision, consideration $250,000, tax value $232,300.

» Jenkins, Thomas Haywood III to Bauer, Carol Campbell and Bauer, Michael Stephen, trustees, 49.9 acres in White Hall District, address not available, tax value $331,600, consideration $330,000.

» Bonney, Laurel A. to Waldrop, Charles and Serofia, Ginalyn, lot A block A Birnam Wood subdivision, consideration $180,000, tax value $151,200.

» Sinclair, Michael R. and Sealey, Robyn A. to Warner, John P. and Warner, Marguerite A., revised lot 39 section 2B Highlands at Mechums River - 1440 Gate Post Lane, consideration $375,000, tax value $324,200.

JAN. 11

» Graham, Chadwick S. and Graham, Regina K. to Lindsey, Anthony C. and Lindsay, Suzanne M., 2.396 acres lot c - 2721 Frays Mill Road, consideration $570,000, tax value $590,800.

» Canipe, Anthony C. to Shifflett, Robert G., 4.99 acres lot one on the south side of Route 692 - 7549 Plank Road, Afton, consideration $200,000, tax value $195,400.

» Craig Enterprises Inc. to Tatavosian, Maryam and Tatavosian, Mikel, an undivided 50 percent interest, and to Tatavosian, Mary, an undivided 50 percent interest, lot 22 block 16 East Village Old Trail subdivision - 3434 Rowcross St., Crozet, consideration $459,641, tax value $ $457,100.

» Burpee, Craig W. and Burpee, Tracy R. to Sinclair, Michael R. and Sealey, Robyn A., lot 2 Poplar Glen subdivision - 633 Boone Trail, consideration $525,000, tax value $458,800.

» Martin, J. Ramsey to Chiles, Anne Mifflin, unit 1406 phase I University Village, tax value $240,400, consideration $230,750.

» Evans-Morse, Lucia to Evans-Morse, Lucia and Morse, Charles W., 46.49 acres Scottsville District, gift.

» Richter, Brian to Kim, Albert D. and Kim, Stella S., 7.716 acres lot 3 Riveredge subdivision, on Route 614 northeast of White Hall, consideration $310,000, tax value $145,200.

JAN. 16

» NVR Inc. to Reese, David and Shuster, Samantha, lot 21 Sunset Overlook subdivision - 1167 Sunset Ave. Ext., consideration $265,800, not yet assessed.

» Birdsong, McLemore Jr., trustee to Birdsong, Sandra Foster, trustee, lot 163 Ballard Field subdivision - 9041 West End Circle, Crozet, gift.

» Wright 104 LLC to Drusin, Mark G. and Paul, Frederick L., 8.01 acres lot 15 Greenloft Farms consideration $250,000, tax value not yet established for separate lots as of date of deed.

» Riverside Village Properties to Cary, Sara E., Unit 401 The River House at Riverside Village, recorded at $528,840.

» Riverside Village Properties to Cary, Sara E. and Haynes, Ann N. Messeroff, Unit 307 The River House at Riverside Village - 1425 Trailside Court, consideration $262,150, tax value $217,700.

» Mustoe-Monteith, Barbara and Mary M. to Cates-Rosko, Monica H., lot 5 block G Northfields subdivision - 2415 Northfields Road, consideration $384,000, tax value $380,000.

» East Village LLC to Bramante Homes Inc., lot 5 block 30 Old Trail subdivision, consideration $210,000, tax value $145,000.

» Faircloth, Bernard V., III and Faircloth, Nicole Eileen to JT Enterprises Inc., 2.415 acres Advance Mills subdivision on the east side of Route 743, consideration $82,500, tax value $16,895.

» NVR Inc. to McFadyen, Kristen and McFayden, Daniel, lot 8 Dunlora V subdivision, consideration $490,211, tax value $130,500 land only.

» Van Zyl, Rodney J. to Dotts, Wilfred, lot 15 block C section 3 Brookwood subdivision - 5596 Brookwood Road, Crozet, tax value $274,600, consideration $265,000.

» Pasternak, Betty Mae, trustee to Owings, Roger Barry and Owings, Patricia Ann, lot 24 block F Townhouse section A Neighborhood Arbor Lake Forest Lakes subdivision - 3281 Arbor Trace, consideration $245,000, tax value $251,500.

» Coutshall, Christopher L. and Coutshall, Ann M. to R & H Partners LLC, 0.742 acre lot A - 5757 Tabor St., Crozet, consideration $275,000, tax value $262,500.

» John Paul Properties LLC to Clemenko, Michael J. and Clemenko, Virginia S., lot 6 block E section 3 Canterbury Hills subdivision - 111 Westminster Road, consideration $479,900, tax value $324,900.

» Hutter, Hermione D. to Hoppin, Robert C. and Hoppin, Jill M., lot 6 section 2 Flordon subdivision - 970 Broomley Road, consideration $1,175,000, tax value $938,700.

» Syers, Vincent S. and Syers, Alma L. to Gu, Xiangyu and Hua, Yi, lot one Upper Ballard Field subdivision - 6406 Woodbourne Lane, Crozet, tax value $1,046,300, consideration $750,000.

JAN. 17

» Marshall, William., special commissioner to Roebuck, Tina Whindleton and Roebuck, Michael Anthony, 5.637 acres on Plank Road, tax value $60,800.

» Kiewra, Christopher P. to Frantz, Nicholas and Copson-Frantz, Madeline, lot 27 section 1C Highlands at Mechums River - 1214 Clover Ridge Place, consideration $240,000, tax value $201,700.

» Myrtle, Benjamin to Caddenhead, Matthew A. and Caddenhead, Alexandra V., lot 74 and lot 75 Blue Ridge Acres subdivision - 8690 Little York Heights, Greenwood, consideration $268,050, tax value $132,700.

» Wray, Luke A. and Wray, Rachel B. to Riesen, Travis Brandon and Camumas, Cayla Donne, lot 1 phase 4 Foxcroft - 1162 Foxvale Lane, tax value $297,900, consideration $281,000.

» Kohr, Randolph Lewis, II and Kohr, Ginger Turner to Jealous, Bradford III, 6.5 acres lot 6 Ashmere subdivision - 2005 Ashmere Drive, consideration $410,000, tax value $380,000.

» E Trade Bank to Bonner, James M., two lots fronting on Harrison Street - 655 Harrison St., Scottsville, tax value $198,400, consideration $102,760.

» Huggett, James F. and Huggett, Michele H. to Kunkle, Jeffrey W. and Kunkle, Sara H., 4.014 acres lot 47 Indian Springs subdivision - 47 Springforest Lane, Earlysville, consideration $158,500, tax value $179,100.

» McClain, James D. and McClain, Kathleen A. to Davis, Carson J.C., and Davis, Nicole L.H., 0.3001 acres lot 9 phase I Fontana subdivision - 1614 Merano Lane, consideration $530,000, tax value $477,900.

» Country Land Corp. to Carter, Nancy Lee Baber and Carter, Edward Cleveland, 2.03 acres and 2.01 acres on the east side of Route 635 Castle Rock Mountain subdivision in Afton, tax value $94,800, consideration $44,000 and tax value $40,000, consideration $54,200.

JAN. 18

» Dukes, T. Allen and Brown, Scott A. to Tantoco Family Marital Trust, unit 727-208 Parkside Village at Eagle’s Landing - 727 Denali Way, consideration and tax value $131,500.

» Cousin, Francois J. et als to Woodriff, Jaffray P. and Woodriff, Merrill Staunton, 418 acres - 1744 Rougemont Farm Road, Keswick, consideration $5,000,000, tax value $4,712,200.

» Marshall, Bernard E., Brookmere Land Trust to BMK Investment Holdings LLC, lot 5 block B section one Woodbrook subdivision, gift.

» Local Oak LLC to Badr, Mohamed H., 9.038 acres - 9735 Warren Ferry Road, Scottsville, consideration $85,000, tax value $69,700.

» Vogeley, Donald N. and Vogeley, Sarah L. to Vogeley, Sarah L., 7.76 acres lot 5 on Route 623 near Boyd Tavern - 4313 Woods Edge Road, Troy, gift.

» Wright 104 LLC to Schachtel, William, 4.86 acres lot 14 Greenloft Farms, consideration $200,000, tax value not established for separate lots as of date of deed.

» Cosner, John Michael and Cosner, Sarah Ramsey to 305 Harvest LLC, lot 3 phase 2A Redfields subdivision, gift.

» Dyer, Janie M. to Ayers, Barbara Ann, Dyer, Patricia Marie, Cooper, Caroline et als, two parcels: 2.128 acres and 1.04 acres on Route 631 - 1799 Old Lynchburg Road, gift.

» Pancake, Mary to Pancake, Mary and Whitehead, Jason, lot 17 phase two section five Mill Creek subdivision - 1618 Shady Grove Court, gift.

JAN. 19

» Woodbriar Associates to NVR Inc., lot 73 phase 4 Briarwood subdivision, consideration $109,372, not yet individually assessed.

» Tevendale, Richard M. and Tevendale, Janet L. to Bluebird Hill LC, 58.52 acres less and except 10.487 acres in Earlysville, gift.

» Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity to Aboud, Malek M. and Al Samaraee, Kinanah M., lot 7 phase 3 Village Square subdivision, consideration $176,845, not yet assessed.

» Shelton, Susanna Taylor fna Shelton-Oakes, Sue to Crow, Jacob, five acres lot 5 - 4346 Sharon Road, Esmont, consideration $160,000, tax value $135,800.

» Wintergreen Farm Phase III, LLC to SM Charlottesville LLC, 20.732 acres less 0.402 acres of land known as Wintergreen Farm, no street address of record, consideration $1,041,051, tax value $625,800.

» SC & JL Properties LLC to Schenk, Alexandria and Schenk, Cameron, lot 6 Deeridge subdivision - 3596 Presidents Road, Scottsville, consideration $179,000, tax value $104,300.

» Canody, Calvin F. and Canody, Ruby P. to Blue Ridge Transportation LLC, 3.112 acres parcel X on Route 635 - TBD Craigs Store Road, Afton, consideration $65,000, tax value $64,000.

» Hilker, John H., Jr. and Hilker, Jennifer B. to Looney, John Tibbs and Looney, Ryan Paige Ross, two parcels, 74 acres and 1.01 acres on the west side of Route 810 in Crozet, consideration $131,900, tax value $126,900 and consideration $105,000, tax value $5,000.

JAN. 22

» Martin, Scott A. to Groves, Dustin, lot 5 block D section three Le Parc River Run - 1314 Wimbledon Way, tax value $221,200, consideration $194,000.

» Lakeview Loan Servicing to Loft Realty and Investments LLC, lot 107 phase II Abington Place subdivision - 2420 Abington Drive, consideration $188,000, tax value $225,900.

» NVR Inc. to Edwards, Vernon and Edwards, LaTasha E., lot 16 Dunlora V subdivision, consideration $562,159, consideration $130,500 land only.

» Peak Builders LLC to Ferrell, Brad Alan, trustee, lot 10 block 15 Old Trail Village - 3268 Rowcross St., Crozet, consideration $547,000, tax value $145,000.

» Kingma Developers Inc. to Kingma, Douglas G. and Kingma, Deborah D., revised parcel B-1 Keswick Meadows subdivision - 3497 Keswick Road, Keswick, gift.

» NVR Inc. to Dhekar, Rajan and Patel, Nilamben, lot 7 block B phase I Cascadia subdivision, consideration $543,224, not individually assessed.

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