REAL TIME With Yates McCallum

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REAL TIME With Yates McCallum

Why did you decide to go into real estate?

The experience of purchasing, renovating and selling my own homes really got me engaged in real estate. It wasn’t a profession that I had always envisioned, but my family and friends kept encouraging me so I decided to give it a shot. Now, I can’t imagine a better fitting job that keeps me engaged and suits my skills and interests.

What trends do you currently see in the local real estate market?

Lots of wet crawl spaces!

Name your top three “hot neighborhoods” in Charlottesville and what are some of the hidden gems?

My top three hot neighborhoods are Kent Road, Field Road and Owensville Road. When it comes to hidden gems, I feel like everybody finds their own personal hidden gems when I help them find and purchase a home in Charlottesville.

What do you predict the next hotspot will be?

That’s always hard to know. I think that could be Free Union.

What advice do you give most often?

You can fix anything about a house, except its location.

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