Benefits of our digital campaigns

  • Connect potential clients to your website. Everyone that visits your site can be a new prospect.
  • Be the area expert by targeting the clients you want to specialize in serving. ex. Home owners with dogs or Athletic home owners.
  • Digital ads increase your opportunity to contact these potential clients FIRST. People tend to stick with the first agent they talk to.
  • Get your name in front of a large group of potential buyers. There is no substitute for brand awareness.
  • In-person support. Increase your campaign's effectiveness with monthly analysis with Mark.

Tools to create a great online presence

  • Local digital display impressions – Your custom designed display and or message delivered to the Daily Progress’ online audience.
  • Targeted display impressions – Display ads targeted to your ideal demographic using location, income, behavior or search terms.
  • Facebook ads – Social media ads targeting your ideal customer.
  • Reporting Dashboard – 24/7 campaign and digital reputation management access.
  • Business front webpage – A webpage with a custom designed header connects your website with a high content value website (
  • Enhanced directory & business listing – Your custom bus

How do I get started?

  1. Contact Mark - or 434-978-7241.
  2. We communicate about your needs and goals.
  3. Our team builds your campaign based on your input (or you supply creative).
  4. You approve and then the campaign begins.

What if I've never advertised before?

  • Mark will work closely with you throughout the process. Our design team can create ads for you in a variety of formats and sizes.

How do I target the people I want to see my ads?

  • Audience extension is a great way of expanding your digital display campaign beyond our local websites.
  • We can create a customized campaign using a combination of targeting tactics to engage your ideal audience.
  • Zip code targeting, site retargeting, behavioral targeting, search targeting and contextual targeting packaged together create an effective ad mix to distribute your message.

How can I tell if my campaign is working?

  • You will have access to a personal dashboard to review reports plus Mark will make monthly campaign reviews with you.