Farm Heritage Museum

The newly constructed Fluvanna Farm Heritage Museum at Pleasant Grove has been awarded national recognition for its design and construction. Both Fluvanna County and the Fluvanna Historical Society, who joined forces to build the museum, were notified that the museum has won second place in an annual national competition conducted by the National Frame Building Association (NFBA). The museum was the runner-up in the Institutional Building category for projects costing up to $6 million.

Criteria for the award included architectural design, engineering, color presentation as well as intended use. The award for second place will be awarded to the contractor at the NFBA’s annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky in March.

The Farm Heritage Museum is a joint project of Fluvanna County and the Historical Society. Its construction was completed early last year and was dedicated at that time. The new museum will house a collection of antique farm equipment that will highlight the rich agricultural history of Fluvanna County.  Currently, many volunteers are working to bring in the equipment that will be permanently displayed. Hundreds of volunteers were involved in fundraising efforts before construction started.

The proposed opening for the museum will be on the Historical Society’s annual celebration of rural life in the county, Old Farm Day, on May 4th of this year.

“This honor is well merited,” said Historical Society president Marvin Moss. “The museum building is an attractive addition to the Pleasant Grove museum and trail complex in the center of Fluvanna’s property. We should all be proud that hundreds of citizens made the museum possible by their dedicated hard work and their generous contributions to its construction.”

Mike Sheridan, Chair of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors, believes the museum will be a lasting part of Fluvanna’s heritage.

“This award recognizes the great job the county and the Historical Society did in designing and constructing this beautiful building,” he added. “It would not have received this national award without the involvement of so many citizens.”

The total cost of the project was just over $300,000 with $287,000 of that amount coming from the Historical Society, its members and funds raised from regional charitable foundations.

Once completed, the Farm Heritage Museum will be operated by the Fluvanna County Department of Parks and Recreation and open to the public. 

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