The Lake Monticello Owners’ Association (LMOA) donated $25,000 to the Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, the organization announced last week in a press release. General Manager Steve Hurwitz of the owners’ association presented the check to Lake Monticello Fire Chief Richie Constantino during a presentation ceremony this week.

The LMAO agreed in 1989 to annually donate $20,000 to Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue. In 2014 that annual amount was increased to $25,000. To date, the lake Monticello Owners’ Association has donated a total of $585,000.

Additionally, LMOA donates the Lake Monticello Golf Course for an annual fundraising tournament for Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue. The LMOA Board recently voted to donate two acres of land at the Lake Monticello Campground for further expansion of the fire department.

“We have a good working relationship with Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue,” said LMOA Facilities Administrator Tom Schauder, adding that the fire department recently used a fire hose to help rid the Tufton Pond Fishing Pier of a wasp problem and the fire department has jumped in to help clear our roads after storms. When LMOA has needed divers, the Lake Monticello Water Rescue Team has scheduled a training exercise to help out.  “It’s a win-win relationship,” Schauder said.

 The LMOA Maintenance Team clears the access road and parking lot of snow for the fire department. In turn, the Fire and Rescue Teams participate in most large events at Lake Monticello, like the annual 4th of July celebration and Monticelloman, an annual sporting event.

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