James River Brewery

James River Brewery, a fixture on Valley Street in Scottsville, is planning to open a second location in Farmville in March. Construction and renovations on the building on Main Street in Farmville are currently underway.

“We’re excited about expanding our brand to a new location,” said James River Brewery co-owner and general manager Shannon Brown.

Brown and his co-owners have long looked at Farmville for a second location and are excited to bring their award-winning beers to the small college town.

“It’s somewhat of an untouched area,” Brown explained of his choice of Farmville. “I think there’s a lot of room to grow. My hope is that with our brewery, the already existing Third Street Brewing and other local businesses, we help to make Farmville more of a destination spot for people to have a great time with family and friends.”

Initially, Brown expected to open the Farmville brewery, which is located in a former Laundromat on Main Street, last summer. Renovations, however, took longer than expected.

“We have completely remodeled the building,” Brown said. “That takes time and we want to do it right the first time. We also needed to add some bathrooms and are currently building a large deck for people to enjoy the outside.”

Brown isn’t looking at Third Street Brewing as a competitor, but more as a future collaborator.

“I know Third Street Brewing has some really great beers and I would love to work with them to come up with new things. I don’t know exactly what that collaboration would look like, but I would absolutely encourage it.”

The new James River Brewery location will employ up to ten people and Brown expects to brew around 500 barrels a year. Unlike the Scottsville location, James River Brewery in Farmville will offer food.

James River Brewery in Scottsville was founded in 2015 and was recently voted to have the best beer on tap in the Rural Virginian Readers’ Choice.

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