In celebration of Scottsville heroes, Mayor Nancy Gill of Scottsville declared the first Saturday of Spring Local Heroes Day. She ordered the local holiday by means of a Mayoral Executive Order during a recent town council meeting.

In her executive order, the mayor referenced events from last year, where three residents of the town, Joey Salee, L.J. Harmon and Stephan Bryant, rescued Dan Hemmings from a rapidly moving James River. In addition, Hemmings was recognized for his efforts of spending many hours cleaning up trash from the James.

“To commemorate this heroic event, I am declaring the first Saturday of March following the Vernal Equinox to be a town holiday in celebration of Scottsville Heroes,” Gill wrote in her executive order.

Salee, Harmon, Bryant and Hemmings are all 2018 honorees in the inaugural group of Scottville heroes. For this year, Gill honored Billy Hess, an active citizen and veteran of World War II, Korean and Vietnam.

Each year, the mayor and town council will select a person or group “who performed beyond all expectations” to be named Scottsville heroes. The selection is not limited to the previous year.

In her executive order, the mayor also asks the people of Scottsville to get actively involved in recognizing the town’s heroes.

 “If you know a Scottsville area hero, take time out on this holiday to recognize their efforts with a phone call, lunch, a note, flowers, etc,” Gill wrote. “Let us enhance the culture of Scottsville by continued random acts of kindness.”

The new holiday officially took effect last Saturday, March 23rd.

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