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Letters Policy


The Daily Progress welcomes letters of opinion on topics of public concern. Limit for submitted letters is 350 words.

Letters must contain the author's full name, physical address, legal signature (when a letter is submitted as a hard copy), jurisdiction of residence and daytime and evening phone numbers.The Progress prints a selection of letters received.

All letters are subject to editing.

Letters should be the original work of the signatory.

It is our policy to list references/citations/documentation for quoted material or claims of fact that might be unfamiliar to the general public. Letter writers are asked to supply such documentation at time of submission. For accessibility, documentation should come primarily from weblinks. For efficiency, weblinks should go directly to the relevant pages, and for accuracy they should come from reliable and neutral sources. (Due to space, lists of references may be published only online.)

On Saturdays The Progress publishes letters about good deeds done in our communities or people who are otherwise worthy of recognition. Letters should list a total of no more than five individuals, businesses, clubs or other groups to be thanked or otherwise acknowledged. This includes formally named organizations as well as informal groups such as volunteers, members, supporters, etc. etc.

The Daily Progress lists the affiliations of writers of letters to the editor when the writers are officially speaking for the organization they represent. Affiliations are not listed when the writers are expressing a personal opinion not officially shared by the organization.

The Daily Progress typically receives numerous letters. Early submission may improve chances of publication, although writers should be aware that, due to space and other limitations, not all letters can be published. 

Please send letters to The Daily Progress, Letters, PO Box 9030, Charlottesville, VA 22906; submit online here; or email