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ANDREW SHURTLEFF/THE DAILY PROGRESS Virginia head coach Tony Bennett smiles after defeating North Carolina 71-63 to become ACC Tournament champions in Brooklyn, NY.

The Virginia men’s basketball team received its second verbal commitment for the Class of 2019 on Monday night, when Kadin Shedrick announced his decision to play for Tony Bennett and the Cavaliers.

The decision came shortly after his unofficial visit to Grounds on Sunday, and the 6-foot-11, 190-pound high school senior from Holly Springs, North Carolina is excited about his choice.

The Daily Progress caught up with Shedrick on Tuesday and he detailed his commitment.

DP: Can you take me through the the timeline of your offer, visit and commitment? How did this all come together?

Shedrick: “They offered me, I want to say, two weeks ago. But they didn’t start talking to me until July. They offered me two weeks ago, and then we scheduled a visit after the meeting that we had last week, when we cut the schools down to eight. So we scheduled that visit for Sunday.

“…I also wanted to check out Xavier. So I made sure to get those visits done. And after visiting both Xavier and Virginia, I felt like Virginia was still the best place for me. So I committed.”

DP: What did you do on the visit when you were there?

Shedrick: “They showed me all the facilities. They showed me the campus, gave me a little background on the history of Charlottesville and the campus and all that. I got to get some shots up on the court, so that was cool. Coach Bennett was with us for the majority of the visit.”

DP: What about players and other coaches?

Shedrick: “I was with the whole coaching staff, but not really anybody was on campus. No players were on campus.”

DP: What was this summer like for you, especially the multitude of offers you got?

Shedrick: “In April, we had a really strong team, but I don’t think we played well together. I’m talking about my AAU team. And after April, a ton of people ended up leaving, so then I realized I was going to have to take on a bigger role. And I got more confident in July; I just played a lot better.”

DP: Did you have a lot of offers before April?

Shedrick: “Going into July, I had 13, and after July I had 34 offers.”

DP: Can you tell me a little about your growth spurt?

Shedrick: “Going into my freshman year of basketball season, I was 6-foot-2. And going into my senior year, I am now 6-foot-11. … Between my freshman basketball season and sophomore basketball season, I went from 6-foot-2 to 6-foot-8, I think.”

DP: Was there a transition for you to become more of a center in basketball?

Shedrick: “It was more of a transition of becoming a basketball player. I was a baseball player my whole life. I played basketball for fun. They kind of always stuck me down low, but I mean, I guess my sophomore season I played more of a five position, but now they’ve got me got me at four, because I’ve been able to improve my game a lot since transitioning to become a basketball player and caring more about basketball.”

DP: You’re a little younger than most people in your grade?

Shedrick: “Well, I’m not a year younger. I’m at the bottom of my class, though. I turned 17 three weeks ago, which is a lot later than the majority of people in my class.”

DP: Do you have certain fitness or physical goals?

Shedrick: “I’m hoping maybe I can get to 7 feet by graduation, but obviously that’s something I can’t control. … I do want to put on some weight before I get to college, just so I have something to continue working on when I get to college. I understand that you put on a lot of weight, and I’m willing to do that.”

DP: Virginia has a history of redshirting their guys in their freshman year — Bennett has specifically said that it helps much taller players. What are your thoughts on that?

Shedrick: “I don’t have a problem with redshirting freshman year. I know that it has worked for UVa a ton in the past with players like De’Andre Hunter and Malcolm Brogdon. … So I have nothing against redshirting.”

DP: Did the coaching staff talk to you about redshirting?

Shedrick: “Yeah, they said if I’m at the point where they think I can play next year but I still want to redshirt to develop my game, and stuff like that, then they’ll let me redshirt. It’s pretty much up to me, unless I’m completely not ready to play.”

DP: Did you watch Virginia last year at all?

Shedrick: “Yeah, I watched them, especially when they beat the local teams here [in North Carolina].” 

DP: How would you describe your game?

Shedrick: “I feel like I’m a better defender right now. I like to block shots. Actually, we play Pack Line defense in high school, too. So yeah, there’s that. I kind of like the basics of it. But yeah, I like to play defense.”

Sam Blum is The Daily Progress' University of Virginia sports reporter. Contact him at (434) 978-7250,, or on Twitter @SamBlum3.

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