CDP All CVA Cross Country 032

The 2018 All-Central Virginia boys cross country team.


Joe Hawkes, Western Albemarle, Junior

Hawkes was nothing short of sensational this season for Western Albemarle’s cross country team. The junior standout won every regular season meet he competed in. He won the Ragged Mountain Cup individual title and the Albemarle Invitational, and then capped the season with individual and team championships at the Class 3 state meet.


Lindy Bain, Western Albemarle

Bain expects a lot out of his athletes and his team delivered this fall, as Western Albemarle’s boys cross country team captured its second straight Class 3 state championship. The Warriors went undefeated during the regular season, capturing Ragged Mountain Cup and Albemarle Invitational titles along the way.


1. Joe Hawkes (Western, Jr.) — 3A State Champ in 15:39

2. Jack Eliason (Western, Jr.) — 3A State Runner-Up in 15:44

3. Cyrus Rody-Ramazani (Western, Sr.) — 16:03 at 3A State (3rd)

4. Will Mackenzie (Albemarle, Jr.) — 16:38 at 5A State (9th)

5. Joseph Taylor (Western, So.) — 16:11 at 3A State (4th)

6. Harris Naseh (Albemarle, Jr.) — 16:43 at 5A State (14th)

7. Ethan Pettyjohn (Orange, So.) — 16:50 at 5A State (17th)  

8. Branden Wood (Louisa, So.) — 17:02 at 4A State (20th)

9. Cutter Huston (Albemarle, Sr.) — 17:15 at 5A State (34th)

10. Will Krehmeyer (Monticello, Jr.) — 16:28 at 3A State (12th)

11. Will Bonner (Western, Jr.) — 16:29 at 3A State (13th)

12. JD MacKnight (Albemarle, Jr.) — 16:57 at 5A State (20th)   

13. Joe Yung (Albemarle, So.) — 17:13 at 5A State (31st)

14. Matt Klapak (Louisa, So.) — 17:03 at 4A State (21st)

15t. Victor Ji (STAB, Sr.) — 17:37 at VISAA Division 1 (9th)

15t. Stephen Smith (Albemarle, So.) — 17:08 at 5A State (27th)

15t. Parker Watt (Woodberry, Sr.) — 17:36 at VISAA Division 1 (8th)


1. Western Albemarle — 3A State Champs

2. Albemarle — 3rd at 5A States

3. Louisa — 8th at 4A States

4. Monticello — 4th at Region 3C

5. St. Anne's — 7th at VISAA Division 1

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