Boys individual

1. Joe Hawkes (Western, Sr.): Did not race

2. Jack Eliason (Western, Sr.): Did not race

3. Branden Wood (Louisa, Jr.): 15:45 at VTCA Invite

4. Will Mackenzie (Albemarle, Sr.): Did not race

5. Joe Yung (Albemarle, Jr.): Did not race

6. Will Bonner (Western, Sr.): Did not race

7. Harris Naseh (Albemarle, Sr.): Did not race

8. JD Macknight (Albemarle, Sr.): Did not race

9. Joseph Taylor (Western, Jr.): Did not race

10. Stephen Smith (Albemarle, Jr.): Did not race

11. Mason Love (Tandem, Jr.): Did not race

12. Stuart Terrill (Western, Sr.): Did not race

13. Sam Tamblre (Albemarle, Sr.): Did not race

14. Bowen Varney (Louisa, Sr.): 16:43 at VTCA Invite

15. Will Krehmeyer (Monticello, Sr.): 17:47 at Octoberfest

Boys team

1. Western Albemarle: Did not race

2. Albemarle: Did not race

3. Louisa: 4th at VTCA, 16:59 avg.

4. Charlottesville: Did not race

5. Monticello: 24th at Octoberfest, 18:25 avg.

Girls Individuals

1. Arianna DeBoer (Albemarle, Jr.): Did not race

2. Cierra Caicedo (Louisa, Sr.): 18:56 at VTCA Invite

3. Sterling Hull (Western, Sr.): 19:50 at VTCA

4. Emily Smeds (Fluvanna, Jr.): 20:03 at VTCA

5. Jenna Stutzman (Western, So.): 20:13 at VTCA

6. Madeline Kronebusch (Albemarle, Jr.): Did not race

7. Ella Dalton (Covenant, Sr.): Did not race

8. Kate Ratcliffe (Western, Jr.): 20:34 at VTCA

9. Meme Zarzyski (Albemarle, Sr.): Did not race

10. Kika Van der Pluijm (Charlottesville, Sr.): Did not race

11. Kennedy Harris (Louisa, Fr.): 20:50 at VTCA

12. Kelly Young (William Monroe, Sr.): Did not race

13. Alexis Henderson (Monticello, Fr.): 21:24 at Octoberfest

14. Jackie Neilon (Western, Fr.): 21:08 at VTCA

15. Jordan Stone (Western, Fr.): 21:12 at VTCA

Girls team

1. Western Albemarle: 4th at VTCA, 20:35 avg.

2. Albemarle: Did not race

3. Louisa: 7th at VTCA, 20:56 avg.

4. Fluvanna: 11th at VTCA, 22:01 avg.

5. Monticello: No team score at Octoberfest

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