Clark Coleman

Why change the name away from Murray if everyone likes it?

Do these bureaucrats have nothing useful to do with their time?

The "largely peaceful" protesters were throwing objects at the Park Police.

I realize that the Daily Progress is not responsible for the lies of CNN and the AP, but it is disappointing to see such partisan mendacity in print. The "largely peaceful" phrase has become the agreed-upon …

"On Wednesday, officials reported a peak of 9,000 tests, but the daily figures vary widely. "

This is misleading. The VDH had a computer problem on Tuesday and reported no results at all, then reported two days worth of results on Wednesday. So the 9310 test results reported on Wedn…

No mention of the fact that the number of cases is expected to rise as we increase testing? No mention of the percentage of tests that come back positive, which would indicate that testing level is the explanation if the percentage falls?

It would be nice if this posting software did not cram everything I typed into a single paragraph, which is not how I typed it.

Greene County has a grand total of 3 cases since this pandemic began. Maybe it will take more than that to make people panic.

It is interesting that this article talks about peak hospital resource usage as if that is still the same concern that it was a month ago. Less than 30% of V…

ClarkC commented on De Jong, Alec Jonathan

Alec was a wonderful Christian young man. He will be grieved and missed by many. Our only solace is our knowledge that he loved the Lord and will serve Him eternally.