Kenneth Martin

Is he an illegal alien?

When was the last time a former City Councilor speak to a Commission she appointed?

Sounds like a machine for ghosts.

If he wants to sell any kind of luxury apartments with little or no view, he'd better hurry up because Charlottesville is filling up with fast.

The outcome of this process will depend upon the intentions of the participants. I hope those intentions are inline with the intentions of the staff.

Kenneth Martin commented on Charlottesville adopts new FOIA policy

This change should shut some low income people up.

The cost of housing students will increase rather than decrease over time and thus so will the total costs of a student's education.

This only applies to those who are sexually active. ***The language of the ERA states that “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”***

***The agreement says that responsibility for investigations within the city limits “shall remain with the Charlottesville City Police.”*** The Standard is clearly under the City's jurisdiction.

How can this new board be"in good shape" when evaluating its history. Where are the improvements enumerated when there is no executive director? What experience does this new board and leadership have in correcting past mistakes when many of the same people in charge made the errors? It i…