Thomas Kirby

Where are the comments?

no comments??? this is surely a fake comments section.

No comments?? This is fake.

Agreed. Let’s all pitch in for the rails and tar.


Where’s my comment?

State funding of any kind to an organization like the DOC is inappropriate, as it shows bias in favor of a specific group, regardless of that group’s interests. The amount is minuscule and should be equally extended to the general gravesite maintenance funds, including the neglected histo…

If you’re not rich, and can’t afford to pay tribute to the legal system, they can kill your sister, your mother, your whole d*** family, then you. And there’s nothing you can do about it. A person’s life was sacrificed without justice on a “technicality”. Had that been that judges sister,…

I guess they need the money to pay for their fancy meeting rooms and golden clocks and such. Can’t be without those basic necessities. And UVA gets How Much in state funding?